About Us

Uncle Sam’s Highlanders

Uncle Sam’s Highlanders is a 501c3 nonprofit started by Alexander “the Tank” Armor.

This nonprofit began with an invitation for The Tank to come and compete in the Mey Games at Castle Mey in John O’Groats in the far North Highlands of Scotland. This is the first invitation extended to a US Adaptive Athlete, or any US Highland Athlete since the Mey Games were accredited. The Royal British Legion of Scotland wanted to learn how to incorporate Adaptive Athletics into their games.

The Tank put together a team of 8 Athletes, their attendants and support staff (totaling 22 people) for this initial historic trip. The 2019 team consists of Alexander “the Tank” Armor, Matthew Hall, Joe White, Amanda Ford, Jarvina Routt, Ryan Stewart, Matt Hand, and a representative from Warrior 360.

After some talk among the leadership team, it was decided to create a nonprofit not only to fund this the initial introduction of Adaptive Highland Games to Scotland, but to help adaptive athletes in Highland Athletics, continue to expand the availability of Adaptive Highland Games around the world, help adaptive athletes get to games, have access to training advice, and to help them deal with the special issues adaptive athletes face.

You can help fund this mission by making a tax-deductible donation to Uncle Sam’s Highlanders.