Ryan Stewart

About Ryan Stewart


Ryan Stewart in the snow

Age 39

Ht/Wt  6’3 265

Years pro 8

Tartan- Black Stewart

Home town: Sandy, Utah. Wife (Marlen) and two kids (Jonathan 10, Kylie 7).

Work: Co owner of Black Flag Strength & Fitness in Sandy UT

Won weight class at West Coast Strongest Man in Seattle WA 2006

Was ranked top 3 in the Amateur ranks in 2009 and took 3rd place in the AM world championships the same year.

Attended the 2013 International Highland Games Foundation(IHGF) Highland Games World Championship and placed 10th out of 12 of the best in the world.

Qualified for Celtic Classic USA championships 2013,2014

Had the second biggest throw in North America with the 56lbs WFD in 2012 with a throw of 46’ feet.

Biggest sheaf toss in North America for 2013 at 33’

First and only pro to come out of Utah

Lifted the(734lb) Dinnie Stones in 2015 at Aboyne and again in 2017 at the Dinnie Gathering. Lifted the Puterach, Saddlin Mare, Fianna, Menzies, Dalwhinnie, Barevan and Inver Scottish manhood stones.

Personal bests in the games:







WOB (spin) 18’

WOB (stand) 16’

Sheaf 33’